Recommended Reading and Links

Over the years, we've collected a variety of resources pertinent to the work of Red Thunder, Inc. and other native-focused organizations working to protect their communities and surrounding environments. In addition to various news and blog publications below are lesson plans, timelines, maps, political initiatives, and databases of information all relevant to environmental issues at Ft. Belknap and beyond.

The “Exploration and Development History of Gold Mining at the Zortman-Landusky Mine” site hosts an especially robust collection of materials, and teachers may find the “Water More Precious Than Gold” high school lesson plans particularly valuable. We're always adding to our list of links to articles on the web, downloadable PDFs, and recommended readings. If you have a suggested reading or resource, please send us an email. We hope you'll find our collection as useful as we have.


The opportunity to pass a bill in the United States Congress in 2015 to reform the 1872 mining law spear-headed by Tom Udall. Links to the press releases: